Zen Anarchy, or the pursuit of something....

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About Zen Anarchism

So what is Zen Anarchism? The answer, whatever you make it. The core thought behind Zen Anarchism is there is nothing except for what you build.
Now you are all probably just thinking thats nice, and will promptly forget it. I want you to consider what it means. There is NOTHING except for what you build. What exists, exists because someone made it. Society was created, right and wrong, morality and immorality are all created.
These concepts all exist because they were made. They mean only what people make them mean.
You create your thoughts, or others create them for you.
They do not exist indpendent of your mind, except in the minds of others.
Your glory, your honour, your god,
Your failure, your disgrace, your demons,
Your love and your hatred.
You or another create them all. 
Others opinions or thoughts are strong to you, because they have made them strong. And you let those thoughts be stronger than you.
All the concepts that you hold dear, family, religion, success, failure, they are all JUST concepts. They are man made things. Society is one huge stomach made by man, that you are processed through. And thats all. The experience can mean what others want it to mean, or what you want it mean.
And nothing more.
Yes there is a natural order, but rebellion against that order, is part of the natural order itself. The natural order is to follow your nature.
In some cases that involves being product of others designs, in some cases its rebelling against those designs.
But neither means anything apart from the act itself. The only thing that matter is like and dislike, because they are the only natural concepts that exist.
And people will always follow them regardless of what they think or say, either conciously or sub-conciously.
So the way of Zen Anarchism lies in honestly following what you like or dislike, not needing excuse or reason or justification.
If you are a saint be a saint, if you are a monster be a monster.
But be what you enjoy being. And accept the consequences of that.
If you are a saint there are those who will take advantage of you, if you are a monster there are those who will seek to stop. Because that is what THEIR nature is.
So we can choose to be the product and servant of others creations, or we can be our own creator and creation. Choose which ever makes you happiest.
But be brave enough to do it from what you like and dislike, throw away any other crutches that you cling to, be they logic, religion or alchohol.
That is Zen Anarchism, to be truly able to stand on your own.
So either get standing or play back in the dirt with other children.
Its your choice as it always is.

About the Zen Anarchist Symbol:
The symbol of the flower you see on each page is the symbol of Zen Anarchism. Why that in particular? Because a flower is always just a flower.
And thats all i'll say on the matter.

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