The dialogues of Zarathustra and his Goat

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Welcome. Let the games begin.

Greetings free thinkers and members of the herd alike. I, the Goat, am proud to welcome you to the home of myself and Zarathustra in this digital domain. We are vagabond philosophers who like nothing more than chanting TOGA TOGA TOGA! and doing stupid things, we are free thinking individuals, and both of us belong to the cult of zen anarchism, at the rank of agent. The symbol to the right is the banner of Zen Anarchy.
I built this website to allow us to have a place to post rants, which will be in our own individual sections, and dialogues which unoriginally, will be in the section labelled dialogues. Feel free to email us with comments, counter arguments, scary love letters, or pictures of your own feces.

this website and its contents are the intellectual property of whoever owns it, dont steal stuff, or zarathustra will chase you with a big stick.