Intro and mini christmas comment 21/12/06

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Hello, and welcome to the first of my entries into what will be a rampant field of rants and ranting. I have decided first to explain a bit about myself, I am in my last year of school, and very much waiting for it to be over, I hate the education system. That’s another issue. I’m tall(ish), bald, though up until recently had long flowing locks. I’m obsessed with martial arts, and at the moment studying the psychological side of street combat, I love philosophy, mysticism, films, video games, reading, writing and I the artistic member of the duo. This website was my idea, due to my desire to get my ideas out there and fill up space on me and zarathustra’s gooning business cards. I’m, at the moment, interested in the works of Nietzsche and laVey, quite interested one might say.

Mini rant today, due to time constraints, Christmas, isn’t it great? I love this holiday, and not because the birth of Christ, fucking hell that’s boring, simply for one reason, the fun! The indulgence! The gluttony! The greed! The sloth! It’s the best time of year! It’s socially acceptable to sin! Its also a time to catch up with what I have been missing the past few months, due to exam preparations, the women! Lust, the most entertaining sin of all. A few weeks of lounging in front of the fire and indulging my every desire. Ill convert to Christianity for that. Fuck it if that’s what the lay people do maybe the priests are partying twice as hard, drinking sacramental wine, cavorting in the confessional, women waking up with a popes hat on the end of the bed! Huzzah! Fuck it sign me up!

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