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By the age of eighteen id realised that when it’s all said and done I am making the life decisions of a completely different person, my decisions now decide my future career and the person who will live these decisions out to their full will be completely different from the person I am now. It would be like making your restaurant reservations 4 years in advance, and by the time you come to eat, you may no longer like the food being served, the restaurant itself will have probably change several times and more than likely you will have a smaller number of guests, may need a table for one, for two, or even require a high chair, or sometimes you may just arrive primed for a night out to find the quaint little Italian place has been bulldozed to become a Mac Donalds.

Frankly that’s the absurdity of our system, as barely an adult we have to decide what were doing for the rest of our lives with NO EXPERIENCE OF THAT JOB WHATSOEVER, we have no idea what were getting into, or even if there will still be jobs when were finished, this is ridiculous, before a child can buy a beer they must know what they are doing for the next twenty years, I can even decide what videos to rent and my biggest concern is getting pussy, what the hell??? I can’t make such a decision, go ask your six-year-old cousin to prepare a budget for the next ten years, it’s the same fucking thing!

So fuck it, I’m doing art, I don’t care if I get a job out of it, I don’t care if it’s a career, I’m looking forward to college even though I don’t really care what I do there, what does that say? I’m not in a position to plan my life, and I’m expected to know where im gonna be in ten years? It’s a stupid system and I guarantee it’s the cause of a lot of unhappiness in our world because people are forced into jobs they hate, and cant leave because society demands they have a job.

So I honestly declare, I’m not planning my life, I’m barely even planning my college life, I’m applying for what ill enjoy for the next few years, after that ill be a bum or something, or a gigolo or a goat herd, who cares, because I wont be stuck doing something I hate, simply because I didn’t realise soon enough that a kid can't even plan their tomorrow, let alone the future of a person that’s going to be completely different to themselves by the time they get there.


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